Farm Friendly Clothing That Make Life So Much Easier!

Ranch fashion, is there even such a thing? Watching the style trends at NFR ( National Finals Rodeo) you can tell there definitely is! See some of it here. Glitter, chaps, and suede fringe adorn most ladies (and sometimes men) throughout the week. We will be mentioning our favorite products of actual ranch wear that we adorn weekly on our farm in Ohio.

With temperatures all over the thermostat we go from -5 degrees up to 90 plus throughout the year. So having a wide variety of clothing to help us take care of our animals is a must! Sometimes you can be out in pastures , fixing a fence or feeding for an hour or more, so making sure you are staying nice and warm helps to make the process much more desirable. We have overalls, muck boots, bandanas and sunglasses lined up at our house. All ready to be used depending on the day and weather we're facing!

Overalls have a distinct purpose to keep you clean- They easily slide over any under layers and I super love my Duluth Trading ones I've linked Here! I use them all year round and they fit amazing! If you have a longer torso even the extra small size fit great. The adjustable shoulder clasps really have a wide range which is super helpful for longer or shorter torsos... 

My go to boots are my Le Chameau muck boots they are a must have! They are so light and flexible yet durable! The lightest ones, the Givenchy Boot is also what I wear during our snowy winters and they keep my feet warm and dry! You can even purchase them on Amazon, how easy is that! I also have my favorite Goodr sunglasses listed on my Amazon list... They are polarized, lightweight and super farm friendly! Meaning they don't break or scratch! 

Lastly, being a shepherdess... You KNOW i'm wearing wool products! This neck gaiter is a lifesaver! I'm one of those people who is always cold if my neck is exposed... This gaiter is lightweight, breathable and super warm! Use this referral link to save $20 bucks! 

Whatever the weather wearing farm friendly products help to make caring for the animals SO much more enjoyable...

Happy shepherds, animals and farm!




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